Good Luck Year 11!

10 May 2022

The Year 11s have now started their study leave and we celebrated with a few special events over the last week.

Our assembly was led by the students and focused on who was ‘most likely to…’ with some interesting categories! Even some for the Year 11 tutors! The assembly was brought to a close with a fabulous ‘Good Luck’ video from the pupils in Reception – a fitting finale for all our Year 11 students.

As is traditional, on Wednesday they had their ‘Muck Up Day’ which is when the students ‘mucked up’ their uniforms – amazing creativity on show with uniforms adapted with textiles flair and know-how and lots of yellow pen on show!

And finally, on Friday afternoon we wished the students ‘good luck’ with a special afternoon tea. This was attended by students, staff and parents and it was a lovely send-off to our Year 11 cohort. The students had a ‘good luck message book’ that they signed for each other, where staff could write messages of encouragement, too. We were overwhelmed by support from parents who attended in great numbers to support their daughters as they leave school to start their GCSE study leave.

We wish both Year 11 and their families a massive ‘good luck’ over the exam period and wish them well for Results Day on Thursday 25th August!

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