Honey Extraction

9 May 2022

Any person who has spent any amount of time at OHS, whether student or member of staff, knows how proud we are of our wonderful hives of bees. Indeed, Bee Club continues to be an immensely popular club in the school calendar year in year out.

That’s why we were so excited, today, to bear witness to the honey extraction process – the first of the year!

Honey extraction is, as Dr Weeks aptly puts, quite an involved process. First, the frames were collected from the hives and brought back to the lab (once all the bees had been brushed off!). Then, the wax caps were removed from the comb and the uncapped frames were put into an extractor, which spun around so that the honey flew out by centrifugal force. Once the extractor was full, the tap was opened to let the honey flow into a large filter, in order to remove any bits of wax, pollen or bee fragment.

Once all of that was complete, the honey was poured into the jars and, perhaps more importantly, tasted by the spectators!

Another successful honey extraction – thank you to Dr Weeks and Bee Club for showing us the process and allowing us to taste some truly delicious honey!

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