Go MAD (Make A Difference) in Tanzania

17 June 2022

Written by Hettie and Naomi

Our family heard about GO MAD from our church community. Go MAD (Make A Difference) in Tanzania seeks to make a difference in people of East Africa’s lives, through a series of projects.

The organisation is entirely volunteer based and relies on people like you to donate money to fund projects. We are now ready to go! We have funded our own travel and accommodation, but all other funds we can raise will go directly towards the projects we will be assisting with whilst in Tanzania. These will include:

Building water tanks, bringing free, safe and clean rainwater to families and communities (£650)

Building low-cost houses for widows, orphans and the very poor.

Building goat sheds for the farmers’ cooperative (£350).

Providing health education in the villages and providing menstrual health lessons to girls and women.

This cause is very close to our hearts, and we hope to make a real difference with our work – we would really appreciate your help in raising money! We will be holding a bake sale in the canteen at first break next Tuesday (21st June); please bring a pound or two to support GoMAD and buy some delicious snacks!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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