French Theatre

23 November 2021

Today, we were delighted to welcome two actors from Onatti Productions into school for some fun and lively French theatre, enjoyed by our Year 7 and 8 students.

The performance followed a young man who awoke one morning to find that everyone around him was suddenly and inexplicably speaking French, including his parents, sister, grandmother, people he met on the street, and even all of the reporters and commentators on the television. After initially suspecting a joke was at play, he eventually identified the source of the mystery –  an old puzzle his mother had bought the previous day at a charity shop – and figured out what he needed to do in order to revert to normality.

The students were even able to help the rather perplexed protagonist by offering translations on some of the words and phrases he encountered as he tried to solve the mystery at hand!

“It was really funny. And it was nice that we could interact with the actors. The actors were hilarious and there were times when the audience laughed along. My favorite part was the relationship between Kieran and his sister and their facial expressions. Overall, the play was very entertaining and fun and my friends and I really enjoyed it.” – Jennifer, Year 8

Thank you to our Modern Foreign Languages Department for organising such a fun and energetic event – the actors were fantastic and we’re sure that the girls enjoyed learning French in a different context.

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