EPQ Presentation evening

15 December 2015

At the first of this year’s extended research project evening, current Year 13 students presented their findings to a packed auditorium of specialists and professionals in their field, alongside parents and Senior School girls. They gave articulate and accomplished presentations including a moving film from Vietnam. Each of the Sixth Formers answered probing questions from the floor which demonstrated a breathtaking degree of composure and presence. An immensely proud staff were there to support and applaud all the students taking part. We look forward to our next evening!

Research topics presented:

How far have Ancient Chinese Sericulture and The Silk Road affected modern China? – Alice Gant

The effect of the aftermath of the Vietnam War on development in Ho Chi Minh City? – Lottie Landra

King Stephen and Empress Matilda and the Anarchy of 1135 to 1154 – Elspeth Pendlington

Due to the high prevalence of infectious diseases in fish farms, is it sensible to continue this practise? – Rosie Payton

A study of the changing attitudes to narcotics from the 19th century to the modern day in the UK – Sarah Smith

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