Research Project

3 May 2015

All Sixth Formers at Oxford High School have the option of undertaking an Extended Research Project that is carried out during Year 12 and 13 with the dedicated aid of a supervisor from the teaching faculty.

This project is different and, we feel, superior to the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) offered by some schools. It gives students more opportunity to explore and research an area of personal interest, relishing the intellectual freedom to study beyond the curriculum and emulate the rigour found working under a university supervisor.

Our Extended Research Project offering is also strengthened by support from our colleagues at the University of Oxford, the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and other local experts. Leading universities regard these research projects highly as they demonstrate intellectual rigour, and our students enjoy the independent learning skills it teaches them before they move onto their next phase of academic life.

Students produce either a researched dissertation or a practical piece, such as a drama production, a piece of creative writing, an exhibition or film and must present their findings to an audience of fellow students and staff. These evening and lunchtime presentations occur throughout the year. Topics chosen cover the entire academic range and recent presentations have included perceptions of the medical profession in the media, women in the 18th century, a photographic exhibition about Chinese medicine, space travel to Mars, the psychology of advertising, HIV research, and the healing properties of laughter.

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