Engineering Club

12 May 2015

Fundamentally, engineers are problem solvers.  The work of engineers can be experienced in all aspects of our daily lives including making a telephone call, riding a mountain bike, flying in a plane, walking across a bridge and wearing specialist clothing or even perfume!

Engineers solve scientific and practical problems which underpin economic activity and quality of life.

As an engineer you may be involved in design, production, research or running businesses. You may work for a small or large business or even a multi-national company anywhere in the world. Engineering gives you great opportunities for travel and working abroad.

Engineering Club allows students to explore a variety of areas in engineering – from competitive bridge-building to the theory of flight. We have our own instructional wind tunnel and structures testing rig to teach principles as well as to allow students to explore their own ideas. The club is led by Sixth Form Physicists and is intended for girls from Year 9 upwards and to stimulate interest in Engineering as something worthwhile pursuing. There are many opportunities for girls to enter national competitions and attend conferences through the year such as Headstart and The National Schools Engineering Competition For Girls, supported by Rolls Royce and EADS.

There is also advice and information on careers in Engineering available in cooperation with our superb Careers Department. The world of engineering is fast gaining momentum for women and the Engineering Club strives to contribute to this very positive opportunity as well as to have fun!

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