6 May 2015

Our Special Educational Needs (SEND) Department offers individual support and teaching to students with a wide range of additional learning needs. These needs may be short-term or permanent and they range widely.  For example, some pupils come to us for help with study skills; some are referred by teachers who are concerned that test results are not accurately reflecting ability; some need additional support with English as a Second Language; and some have a diagnosed learning need and so benefit from individual support to help them thrive.


The SENCo, Mr Mark Huggins, liaises with the school’s recommended assessors and is able to advise parents/guardians on the logistics of obtaining an educational assessment for their child.  Mr Huggins also works closely with staff to ensure that the school is providing a high standard of educational provision to pupils with additional needs. Our Learning Support Teacher, Ms Alison Hughes, provides individual support lessons, which take place either during girls’ free periods or during lunch breaks.  These lessons are highly individualized and focus on academic skills and strategies.  For those students entitled to exam access arrangements, these lessons also provide an opportunity to experiment with, and practise using, the appropriate exam accommodation.


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