Electives with Radley College

17 November 2016

Oxford High and Radley College regularly share joint days of elective courses held on both schools’ campuses and with shared teaching by subject specialists from both schools. A glimpse into these one-day courses’ offerings include an exciting engineering trip to the Morgan factory, Art History (Shock value – Art & Scandal), Geography ( Contentious Issues in Global Energy Policy), Culture, History & Literature (The birth and death of modernity, Machiavelli, Russian Politics) and Science ( Applied microbiology, Aromatic chemistry, DNA testing). A peek into one science lab saw microbes on the menu, and plenty of discussions on food preservation techniques (use of acids/sugar to prevent microbe growth by denaturing enzymes and lowering water potentials). The students then put the theory into practice and used the microbial fungus yeast to make chelsea buns and bread rolls, plus spicy apple and pear chutney with plenty of vinegar AND sugar in it. Over in the IT suite, students have tested their programming skills including how to modify their ideas and adapt their code through programming the classic game Brickout.

” This was an excellent day! I enjoyed it! ” ” Girls were welcoming and friendly and it was a very rewarding experience , learning about scientific context in baking”

Well done all for such amazing and professional standard results!

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