Amnesty Youth Awards 2016

6 May 2016

500 words to report on a human rights issue?  As part of their work in English, Year 8 entered the Amnesty Youth Awards 2016 young human rights reporter section.  They covered topics such as acid attacks, child marriage and the need for toilets in the developing world.  We are thrilled that Emma B, Mopsy P and Prashanti S have been shortlisted in the final ten of the Lower Secondary Section.  Well done!

Mopsy said, “I found out about conditions in North Korea while I was doing my research. The world isn’t really doing very much about this – it’s just being left to one side.”  Prashanti focused on child neglect and is planning to do some fundraising for the NSPCC.  Emma wrote about human slavery, because “I thought if I wrote an article about it and it was picked, then maybe more people would hear about it and realise that we can do something about it.”


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