Junior School Book Day

28 April 2016

The Junior School Book Day took place on Monday 25th April and was held in support of World Book Day and our love of books throughout the school. During the day the girls enjoyed meeting Lucy Coats the visiting author, a Book Club Murder Mystery, the book sale organised by the FOxHS and of course it was opportunity for the girls to dress up in costumes inspired by their favourite characters.

Lucy Coats was our visiting author and she spent time with girls in Reception through to Year 6, sharing her books appropriate to their ages. At Woodstock Road, Year 2 met a pirate who taught them how to speak ‘pirate’ and showed them how to draw the jolly roger. Reception and Year 1 were introduced to Bear who was looking for a friend and enjoyed creating tree pictures.  In the afternoon Lucy arrived at Bardwell Road and met with Year 3 to 6 – she shared her ideas and spoke with them about her book series Beasts of Olympus. These books feature a boy who helps the mythical beasts when they get into trouble or hurt and she also taught the girls to draw one of her favourite characters, Arnie the griffin. All girls had the opportunity to speak personally to Lucy and purchase a signed copy of one of her books.

The Book Club girls at Bardwell Road created a Murder Mystery activity helped by Mrs Prior and Mrs Hargraves. Each year group had a set of clues; Year 3 had to work out where it happened, Year 4 had to work out who the victim was, Year 5 worked out the murder weapon and Year 6 needed to identify the murderer. We finished the day by gathering in the hall for the ‘reveal’ which was presented by the Book Club using a power point and sketchy acting skills on the stage of Mrs Prior and Mrs Hargraves and a balloon disguised as an exploding netball….

On both sites the FOxHS held a second hand book sale – they had been collecting unwanted books for weeks and sold them all for 50p each – thank you for all the donations and thank you to the ladies who organised the books and ran stalls – the girls loved browsing for books that they could purchase with pocket money.

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