Oxford High School is thrilled to be participating in the GDST’s Alumnae Mentoring programme, an innovative approach that enables Sixth Formers to connect with the GDST’s alumnae family through its partnership with the mentoring app Rungway.com. Now, at the touch of a button, our students have a way of asking some of the burning questions they have about study and life after school, anywhere and at any time – and you, as a valued OHS alumna, have the opportunity to become part of that process. 

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The GDST Alumnae Mentoring Programme is an extraordinary and innovative means of leveraging the GDST’s 70,000-strong alumnae network. As an OHS young alumna who is either studying or has recently completed her studies, you will be fully trained, fully reference–checked, and fully signed up to the GDST Mentoring Charter. As a dedicated mentor, you will then be on-hand throughout your dedicated partner’s time in the Sixth Form to give her advice about A Level study, university choices and life beyond school.


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