In Years 10 and 11, the emphasis lies on helping our girls in their decision-making process, whether be it choosing A-Levels or exploring options by finding a placement for work experience. In Year 10, a session on the importance of the importance of finding out where one’s strengths lie and the importance of exploring options, i.e. through work experience to experience the buzz of high calibre work, kick start the year. Our emphasis is on supporting each student to find her own placement, while providing plenty of contacts to aid the process. CV and letter writing workshops, psychometric tests, and then interviews and careers sessions led by experienced Careers guidance experts from Morrisby add to the mix. In Year 11 we discuss phone interviews and how to secure a placement to encourage students tot think imaginatively about their work experience, but to alert to the demands of, for example, medical and veterinary medical schools, so that they get the necessary experience before university applications.

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