Year 7 History Trip to Hampton Court

18 June 2019

Year 7 enjoyed a trip to Hampton Court Palace in Surrey where they absorbed Tudor life in Hampton Court Palace. They discovered more about the working life of Henry VIII’s household, from the kitchens to the King’s Council Chamber, as well as the leisure activities and pastimes of the King Henry VIII.

The girls were in awe of the rich tapestries in the Great Hall and the beauty of the Chapel Royal and some were just a little spooked in the Haunted Gallery. The visit to Hampton Court was a marvellous addition to their course on the religious rollercoaster of the Tudor dynasty which the girls have just started in lessons. All girls were fully engaged throughout the day and asked sensible and meaningful questions. King Henry VIII himself even graced the girls with his presence and he was particularly impressed with the ‘delightful commoners of Oxford High School’!

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