Glimpses of richly coloured materials, textured fabrics, subtle dyes, careful stitching, vibrant printing, exciting embellishments, elaborate constructions and experimental processes entice you to visit the Textile Dept at OHS. Here you will encounter the fashion designs of the future, costumes inspired by the past and all manner of exciting fabric art and textile adventures.

Within the Textile building, you will find a well -resourced studio space where you can discover new artistic skills, learn new processes and develop the techniques needed to help you create the textiles of your imagination.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 our students follow a creative course that allows them to try out approaches using a variety of processes such as screen printing, machine stitching, dye work, applique and embellishment. Themes will enable each girl to research imagery inspired by the natural world, stories, sections of text or views of a landscape, to experiment a lot and to develop their findings into a variety of textile outcomes. In recent workshops we have made cushions, puppets, fabric boots and skirts.

In Years 10 and 11 students extend and expand their skills. We encourage experimentation with different working methods and the girls begin to develop their own style. Visits to galleries and museums provide inspiration alongside work by numerous artists and designers. Sketches, personal photographs and recording help to document the girls’ personal creative investigations, samples and experiments.

At GCSE and A Level , all students use sketchbooks and worksheets to present their studies, and ideas are resolved in a variety of ways. Costume pieces, accessories and fashion designs are often popular but they often choose to work in a more conceptual way through wall hangings, panels and 3D textile forms.

All our students’ work is exhibited at the end of their course. A number of students continue their studies to degree level in Fashion Design, Fashion Management, Retail Management, Costume Design, Textile Design, Print Design, Constructed Textiles, Knitwear Design, History of Art, Architecture, Animation and Art Foundation courses. Our alumnae are currently working in a wide variety of the creative industries across the world.