Students Thank German Tutors For Online Meets

26 June 2020

Written by Amy & Lizzie (Year 11)

When GCSE’s were cancelled we all experienced a series of emotions, rapidly changing from disappointed to relieved.

However, we soon realised that this would be an incredible opportunity to get started on our A-levels and look to the future. In our German class, we have been able to bridge the gap between GCSE and A-level, expanding our vocabulary and improving our conversational skills.

Whilst most Guided Home Learning (GHL) meets were swamped with students, our German Google Meets had only four of us attend (Amy, Eleanor, Lili, and Lizzie). We have also been lucky enough to have had two amazing teachers, Frau Liebrecht and Dr. Chorley, who have managed to cope with our amusing hand signals, as well as our repeatedly forgetting to turn our mics on so that they have to gently remind us that “deine Mikrofon ist nicht eingeschaltet”. With Frau Liebrecht we have discussed everything from the environmental impacts of Covid-19 to the German song “Hellschwarz” and the German film “Honig im Kopf”.

With Dr. Chorley, while studying Goethe we were relieved to find out that “metaphor” was “Metapher” and that “anaphora” was “Anapher” and so on. We are now all set for German A-level and the four of us are planning summer socially-distanced German sessions whilst dreaming up fantasy trips to Germany! We’d like to say a big thank you to Frau Liebrecht and Dr.Chorley and we can’t wait to start again in September.

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