OHS girls usually forge ahead of the national trend achieving increases in A*/A grades.

In 2017, at A-Level,

• 40% of our grades were A*grades
• 73% of our grades were A*-A grades
• 1/6 of the year gained a place at Oxford or Cambridge
• 10% of the year group gained a place to study medicine
• All of the girls who were offered places to study Medicine were successful.

OHS students are heading to leading universities to study wide-ranging subjects such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics, Linguistics, Geography, Arabic & French, Russian & Politics, Classics, and Psychology.

Our 2017 GCSE results show the highest recorded A*s at GCSE that Oxford High has ever achieved.

• Over 75% of grades were A*
• More than half of the year group achieved at least 9 grade A*
• 30% of girls achieved straight A*s
• 94% gained A*-A grades

In 2016, a quarter of Oxford High girls gain 10 or more A* at GCSE and our girls’ strength in a rich diversity of academic subjects came to the fore with clean sweeps in languages and creative subjects alongside the STEM subjects for which OHS is renowned for.

In 2015, 54% of our Sixth Form achieving a clean sweep of A*/A grades and stellar GCSE grades.  Three quarters of all the OHS students’ A Level grades were A*/A, and the subjects in which girls achieved 100% A*/A covers a hugely diverse range including Physics, Further Maths, Ancient Greek, Mandarin, German and English . 100% of our students applying to study Medicine were successful and 100% of those girls who studied for an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) gained A*grades.

We firmly believe that there is a correlation between pursuing a passion for a specific subject and achieving academic success. Our students have the opportunity to study what they love because of our unparalleled choice of 27 A Level subjects. Over the last 5 years, 1 in 4 of our applicants has been successful in securing places at Oxford and Cambridge and 1 in 8 for Medicine. We enjoy a 100% success rate for Medicine and over 80% of our applicants routinely achieve places at Russell Group Plus universities. What we are most proud of is that between 80% and 90% meet their first choice offer and OHS students go on to study at a huge range of institutions in the UK and abroad. These are as diverse as from Cambridge to Central St Martins and from Criminology to Commercial Music.

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