Key Stage 3

Year Seven

  • Where do we look for God?
  • What does justice mean to Christians?
  • Ancient religions
  • A visit to a place of worship
  • What are we doing to the environment?

Year Eight

  • Chinese religions
  • Contemporary non-literate religions
  • Buddhism
  • Why do we suffer?

Year Nine

  • Religion and art
  • Current affairs in religion
  • Pilgrimage
  • Festivals
  • Mysticism
  • Religion and science

We also study GCSE and A Level and look forward to covering the new specifications from September 2016. The new OCR GCSE includes sections on Christianity, Hinduism, and Religion Philosophy and Ethics in the modern world.

We are delighted to be teaching the new EDEXCEL A Level course which mixes traditional areas, such as the Philosophy of Religion, with contemporary academic and rigorous theological debate on modern issues.


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