Reception investigate Diwali

30 October 2019

Just before half term, Reception children investigated the festival of Diwali and learned about the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali is often called the ‘Festival of Lights’.

Girls who celebrate Diwali at home told us their experience of it and about how they decorate their home for the festival. The class also enjoyed a whole host of colourful and creative ways to celebrate including;

  • Henna – beautiful patterns adorned the girls’ hands and they also completed their own pattern on a paper hand using henna designs.
  • Indian dress and dancing – they all had an opportunity to dress up in saris and do some Indian dancing.
  • Rangoli – the front playground was decorated in Rangoli patterns by the children using chalk.
  • Making traditional ‘Barfi’ sweets – the girls worked in small groups to make these delicious treats and took them home to eat.

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