Race Across Europe

14 January 2021

With Guided Home Learning firmly in place and Google Classrooms reigning supreme, there has never been a more crucial time to build physical activity into our daily routines. To that end, say hello to our brand new Race Across Europe competition: an initiative launched by our ever inventive PE department to keep the OHS community active during lockdown and provide all-important screen breaks for both students and staff.

The premise is simple: four teams (Prep, KS3, KS4/5 and staff) will ‘race’ across Europe by racking up as many miles of walking, running, and cycling as humanly possible (and, importantly, remembering to add their activities to their team log). At the end of each week, total distances will be dutifully totted up, and each team’s mileage will be plotted on the designated route.

Starting at OHS and ending at Olympia in Greece, the route snakes through mainland Europe, passing many iconic sporting venues along the way, from the Helsinki Olympic Stadium in Finland to Lotto Park in Belgium. The total distance is not to be scoffed at: 13,707km, equating to roughly 10-11km per student per week. We’re hopeful that the challenge will provide that extra boost of motivation, especially when the weather leaves much to be desired.

Who will be the first team to reach Olympia, home of the very first Olympic Games? Stay tuned to find out, and best of luck to all four teams!


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