Perspectives Talk: Dr Luke Peterson

29 January 2021

As part of our OHS Perspectives programme, we invite academics and experts from all over the world to come and speak to our Year 13s. The talks cover anything from the impacts of the transatlantic slave trade on modern-day Liverpool with Dr Richard Benjamin to the impact of the pandemic and the development of the Oxford vaccine with Professor Susanna Dunachie.

Yesterday, we were delighted to welcome (virtually) Dr Luke Peterson to OHS. From his home in Pittsburgh, Dr Peterson delivered a thought-provoking, personal talk on the US political system and American democracy. A lively, engaging discussion ensued, with questions posed on the violence on Capitol Hill, the history of the Constitution and the potential dangers of patriotism.

One of our students in attendance, Prashanti, commented:

‘An absolutely fantastic talk from Dr Peterson about US democracy including ideas about blind patriotism and the disparity, in terms of political influence, of the various states. Given the current political pandemonium across the world, it was a truly insightful reflection into the ways in which our countries are run and the power we ascribe to different people and parties. I am really hoping Dr Peterson will come back to continue these thought-provoking discussions!’

With Year 13 keen to continue the discussion, we are already planning a follow-up session, and look forward to welcoming Dr Peterson back soon.

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