3 May 2015

Many people have a rather fixed idea of what Maths is all about: times tables, endless calculations and a few x’s and y’s thrown in for good measure. At Oxford High School, where Maths is the most popular A Level subject, we try to show the girls that it is also beautiful, creative and relevant to their lives.

Our aim is to instil in every girl the confidence and skills necessary to achieve her mathematical potential, and to help her enjoy the journey. Teaching in ability-based groups means that all the girls are able to receive the right level of stretch, challenge and support, and a department full of passionate and enthusiastic teachers guides them beyond the bounds of the traditional curriculum. Whether it is treasure hunting round the school grounds, taking part in the UK Maths Trust challenges, tackling the problems of Project Euler in Coding Club, working out the distribution of colours in the average Smartie packet or analysing the habits of a typical teenager, there is much to stimulate, challenge and engage.

Our curriculum covers the six core components of Maths: Number; Algebra; Ratio, Proportion and rates of change; Geometry and Measures; Statistics; and Probability. We currently teach the Edexcel IGCSE – excellent preparation for continuing to A Level, which more than half of each year group choose to do. In recent years, we have seen the number of Oxford High girls go on to study Mathematics at university grow steadily.

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