Mandarin has been taught to all pupils from the moment they arrive in Year 7 since September 2006. This allows all pupils to explore this rich language and to discover a different culture at the same time. China, a large country with a continuous history of over 5,000 years, has significantly contributed to the progress of human civilization. It also plays an important role in our global economy nowadays. From Year 8, students can choose to continue to study through to GCSE in Year 11 and further on to A level. The aim of the course is to stimulate lasting curiosity in the language, by giving pupils every opportunity to communicate in Mandarin, and to develop their linguistic and grammatical knowledge. At the same time the course is designed to develop cultural awareness in Chinese, through singing, dancing, calligraphy, reading, films, plays, trips, Chinese Days and Chinese culture clubs. There is also a Chinese writing club for GCSE and A level students weekly.

Oxford High has a close friendship with the Beijing No 9 School who visit Oxford regularly. This year, our Mandarin Chinese students were delighted to perform in school at a joint concert with the visiting Chinese students, amongst them 12 dancers from the famous Jinfan Dance Troupe.

OHS has also partnered with Radley College to teach the Chinese language at state schools across Oxfordshire, with the opening of a new Swire Chinese Language Centre, which will broaden the reach of Chinese teaching and allow students from all backgrounds to learn Chinese. Funding for the project is being provided by the Swire Chinese Language Foundation, itself funded by the Swire Group, as part a nationwide programme to promote the teaching of Chinese. Read more about it here.

The Department is led by Dr. Yan Liu. Originating from Beijing, China, she received her BSC and MSC from Beijing and a Ph.D from Cambridge University. She has been teaching Chinese since 2000.

Ms Jane Dong is a fully qualified teacher in Chinese. Prior to joining OHS she taught in Didcot Girls’ School for six years. Ms Dong is from Xi’an China, where she received her BA in Chinese Language and Literature. She also has a PGDip from Leeds, UK. She has been teaching Chinese in the UK since 1994.

Mrs Juan Wang is from Shandong, China. She graduated from the Open University (Hons) in the UK 2010. She has been teaching Chinese in the UK since 2007.

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