Mandarin Trips

3 May 2015

Pupils in Year 9 to Year 13 have the opportunity to spend 10 days in Beijing and Xian. Girls will hike the Great Wall, explore the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, discover the history of the Terracotta Warrior Army, cycle on Xi’an city wall. They will practise their Chinese in local markets as well as visiting Beijing No. 9 School and their host families.

A trip to Ashmolean Museum has become a routine for Year 8 Mandarin Chinese students. The girls have an opportunity to explore Chinese painting and arts, its history and culture. Year 12 students attend a Student Conference at Gloucester Language Centre where they meet fellow students of China from other schools and colleges.

Girls also enjoy a trip to London to visit both museums and China Town during the Chinese New Year. This has now become an eagerly awaited feature for Year 9 girls. Our students have lectures from Chinese experts followed by gallery visits. Then they walk to China Town and experience Chinese New Year decoration, and shop whilst speaking the language. They have a meal in a restaurant, practising using chopsticks, drinking Chinese tea and tasting authentic Chinese foods.

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