Lights, Camera, Animation!

12 March 2020

Members of the Animation Club got their first taste of the lights, stages and software available in the new animation studio earlier this term.

The students, all of whom are in Years 8 to 10, brought with them the puppets they made in previous sessions – wonderful creations based around a wire armature then built up with layers of foam, clay and fabrics, then finished off with hand-sewn clothing, capes and accessories. Using some simple white props, students then experimented in creating different atmospheres and moods for their characters on-set, from a creepy, enchanted forest to a rosy, romantic sunrise.

With access to industry-standard, adjustable lighting and filters, green-screen and a multitude of backdrops, the girls were inspired by how much they could achieve in future – and given the quality of the films they made using the old equipment, we can’t wait to see the results! 



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