Letting Off Steam: Year 11’s Post-Mock Celebration

30 January 2020

After countless nights of lamplit revision and long days in stuffy exam halls, the Year 11s emerged blinking into the light last Wednesday, 22nd January. Before they could catch their breaths, however, they were whisked off to the Kassam Stadium by our wonderful Head of Year 11, Miss Selway, and other members of the Year 11 team for a well-earned spot of R&R. 

Miss Selway organised an entire, action-packed day for the girls, including escape rooms, lunch at J’s Sports Bar and some fairly epic battles of Laser Kombat (sic).

The girls had a great time in both of the main activities: new records were set in the escape rooms and the more gung ho members of the year group revelled in their martial prowess as they bested the opposing team and inched their way to the top of the leaders’ tables.

But it was perhaps during the lunch break that the girls most relaxed, finding time to chat and laugh over their recent trials and tribulations, sit and do nothing for a while and receive some expert pool tuition from willing members of staff.

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