KS1 Musical Performance (Year 1 and 2)

1 July 2015

Year One and Year Two Concert – Summer 2015

The children have been preparing for their summer concert this term.  They have been enjoying a wonderful variety of songs from  Pirates! by Lin Marsh, sung by Year One, (a ‘wild and noisy crew’) to a ‘bluesy’ redition of Hey Diddle Diddle by Michael Simpson performed by Year Two, complete with a swing of the hips and a click of the fingers.


Many of the songs demonstrated, not only the girls’ vocal dexterity, but their ability to sing in two, three and even four parts:  the Year Ones’ rendition of Ten Green Bottles with a charming counter melody, ‘Fancy leaving bottles a hanging on the wall!’ was especially memorable, whilst the Year Twos impressed us with their four part piece, ‘Scoo be doo’ song by Susie Davies.


The concert was opened by Mrs Olavesen’s recorder group who played with rhythmic poise, confidence and obvious enjoyment.  Who knew it was possible to do the hand jive with a recorder under one’s arm!

The final piece, ‘Summer Holiday’ was a fitting ending to a tremendous concert.  The children and their parents raised the roof with this well known tune, with a descant line added by the Year Two girls.

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