Joining OHS at Sixth Form

24 June 2021

Written by Raahi, Year 12

As corny as it might sound, OHS Sixth Form is in essence a big family.

Joining the school in Year 12 I was nervous; anxious about fitting in and getting to know people. However in the first day alone I recognised the incredible sense of community in the Sixth Form. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive – especially the teachers.

I think my favourite aspect was, and still is, the active and thriving atmosphere of the school. There are so many clubs and activities to get involved with for example medical society for aspiring medics. Not only has this been incredibly helpful with my medical application, but being in the same environment with like-minded people who have the same goals as me is extremely motivating.

Teachers are always willing to help, giving their support and guidance for academic and general queries as well. There are so many exciting aspects to look forward to such as perspectives. I have had so much fun doing Young Enterprise and have learnt many skills during it too.

I am excited to learn more in the year ahead!

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