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19 October 2021

And breathe. We are, finally, at half term and after a half term unlike any other I have known. This morning, early, as I rattled through the streets on my bicycle the sky was dark, navy, sapphire blue latticed with deep pink and red. It was beautiful, so beautiful, that I stopped my bicycle to stare at it, to drink it in over the cupola of St Hugh’s at the time and I see, from Twitter, that our own PE staff also stopped to marvel at the sight.

This has reminded me of this half term; there have been dark days. Days where the fear of Covid has stalked the corridors and where staff, pupils and families, I know, have suffered from an unseen disease. There have also been lighter days and times where students have been able to experience the multiple joys of playing sport, a full orchestra, climbing a wall or laughing with a friend, of learning with one another and reengaging with our staff. I know that this term has been difficult for so many reasons but I am also really thankful, thankful to you all, our friends and parents for supporting the school through a really difficult time where we have had to finesse everything, proud of our staff who have come through these times resolutely focussed on making sure that the students gain the best they can possibly give, and, of course, always at the heart of OHS your daughters who despite their worries, pressure and fears continue to give their best, continue to stroll through the rainiest days and whose smiles light our corridors.

There continue, of course, to be tough times ahead, but it will be easier. Our quest to give your daughters as much of a ‘normal’ time as we possibly can continues and as the fireworks, the plays, the drama, the concerts and the end of term celebrations beckon so we will forge on, together with contingency plans as required, on never forgetting our primary purpose which is, even in a world pandemic, to ensure that your daughters have the opportunity and integrity to go beyond.

I wish you all a restful ten days and look forward to welcoming you back on the 1st November.

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