Head Girl’s Blog

25 November 2022

Written by Katherine, Head Girl

You would think that near the end of the Autumn term, the longest term of the school year, things would start winding down. Maybe a few Christmas activities here and there, but nothing too big. That is where you would be wrong. Here at Oxford High, the last few weeks of term are a whirlwind of activity and excitement.

Recently we have had interesting and informative events such as a textiles conference, organised by Sixth Formers, as well as events to raise awareness about the climate crisis and to promote engagement in COP27. This week we have the Senior School Production of Sister Act, which students have been working incredibly hard on. Coming up we have new events debuting, such as House Lip-Sync. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Poseidon win (because obviously we’re the best house). But there are also older, more traditional events which everyone at the school looks forward to. These are of course the Staff Quiz, the Staff Panto and Form Decorating! Will teachers be able to answer the questions on their own subjects? Which teacher knows the most about pop culture? What will the Staff Panto be this year? Which form can be the most extravagantly decorated? All very important questions. Still the most significant event of the school calendar coming up is obviously House Choir. Poseidon has a score to settle, as we have lost every house choir since I was in Year 6. A very sad fact, which I am sure will be fixed this Christmas (can you tell I’m in Poseidon?).

This blog will be my last blog before I hand over to the next Head Girl. So before I go I would like to say that it is great to see how much has changed in the last year and to know that I have played a small role in that. It has been wonderful seeing the school open back up again after Covid-19 and to be responsible for organising some of the cherished activities that were not a reality the year before.

Thank you,


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