7 October 2015

Our Junior girls attended the first GDST Junior Maths Conference at the Maths Institute here in Oxford. Opened by OHS alumna Dame Frances Kirwan, the event was full of challenge, competition, stimulation and fun. No surprise to us that our girls loved it, and Head of Oxford High School Junior School, Ellie Stacey said: “Many girls take Maths to A Level at Oxford High School and we know their passion for puzzles and mathematical what-ifs begins from day one in the Junior School. One of our Year Six team taking part told me today that ‘I particularly love it when we investigate and have to solve problems with our friends.  I am so excited to be part of my school team for the Maths conference!’  ”

OHS Year 6 girls who attended were – Michaela, Emma, Maria Teresa, Emily, Parisa and Rosalind with our Maths Co-ordinator at the Junior School, Mrs Dawson. After the opening speeches and welcome,  the school groups split and took part in mixed school ‘group investigations’. This was followed by lunch and a tour of the building. After this girls re-joined their own school group and took part in a maths quiz challenge.

Highlights of the tour were …..

The ‘crystal’ covering the light well in the south atrium. The graph K3,3 inspired the design of the ‘crystal’ covering the light well in the north atrium

Penrose Paving – outside the main entrance. A design pattern that can continue infinitely and does not repeat itself

The common room – dry wipe tables, chess and a wonderful view of the Radcliffe Observatory.


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