GDST Writing Competition: New Rules for a Future World

31 January 2020

We have now finished judging the Oxford High entries to the GDST Creative Writing competition, which this year had the theme ‘New Rules for a Future World’. The standard was extraordinarily high this year, so many congratulations to all who entered. 

We shall hope to publish several of these entries in the school magazine. In the meantime, here are the names of the winners. Once again, congratulations all!

Congratulations to the following winners

Years 1-2 Frida (Y2) for ‘Polar Bear Rules’

Years 3-4 Aneesa (Y4) for ‘Grandmother’s Stories’

Years 5-6 Eletta (Y6) for ‘Hope’

Years 7-9 Jessie (Y7) for ‘/filtered/’

Years 10-11 Eleanor (Y11) for ‘A morning as any’

Years 12-13 Elsa (Y13) for ‘Infinitely obscure lives’

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