Food is an important part of life at Oxford High and our catering team are proud of the excellent standard of catering provided for the girls. All meals are freshly cooked, carefully sourced and nutritionally balanced and we work with Thomas Franks who are a local Oxfordshire company. Hot and cold dishes are served daily at all three sites with meat and vegetarian options plus a salad bar, soup and sandwiches alongside.  Allergies, food intolerances and religious dietary requirements are taken into account across all three sites and school lunches are compulsory for pupils from Reception through to Year 11. The Senior School students can purchase snacks such as pastries, fruit and cheese on toast at breakfast time and morning break. The Sixth Form have their own area for lunch and can eat in school or are allowed to go to Summertown.

No nuts and no sesame policy
Oxford High School enforces a strict policy of no nuts and no sesame in school, including nut and sesame based foods.  We ask this is respected at all times and foods containing these substances are not permitted to be eaten in school.  We are aware of the impact of nuts and sesame as allergens and take precautions in our catering operations to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions by the inadvertent consumption of these products.

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