Goodbye and Farewell

14 February 2020

With the Ada Benson Building complete, we bid a sad farewell this week to Matt Bowler, the incomparable project manager who has led the way in guiding our new Ada Benson Building safely to its completion. 

Matt has been with us since Day One, guiding us through the twists and turns of which – with such a big project – there have been many! Many other contractors have come and gone during that time, but Matt has always been there for with his unshakeable optimism, wry smile and ability to get things done!  

In addition to the diligent completion of his duties, Matt has also been a generous supporter of student involvement in the Ada Benson Building. He has led countless tours through the site, and has answered every one of our questions with knowledge and patience. Finally, he even spoke on our behalf to Beard, and secured several work experience placements in the construction industry for OHS students. 

So, please join us all in wishing Matt Bowler well on his next project with Beard. We say goodbye now, but do hope he pops back again to see us from time to time! 


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