Cue: the Curtain Call

6 July 2021

On Thursday 1st, Lizzie and Izzy in Year 12 officially launched a fantastic project of theirs: an online database aiming to provide young people with an insight into the performing arts.

Titled Cue: the Curtain Call, the database focuses on career possibilities for young people in the Arts industry, with contributions and videos from professionals in the areas of film, theatre, music, dance, circus, and much more.

From Izzie and Lizzy:

“The Arts, as an industry, has struggled hugely this past year, with so many freelancers unable to work, the doors of previously thriving Arts organisations firmly shut and the announcement of 50% government cuts to funding for Arts subjects at higher education institutions. Meanwhile, we have observed the importance of the Arts in people’s lives – bringing hope and optimism, bringing people together across the globe and expressing our emotions creatively.

We want to give students the chance to explore careers in the Arts and hear from incredible professionals who care deeply about inspiring young people to pursue the Arts as a career or a hobby.

Our main aim now is to continue expanding both the content of Cue: the Curtain Call, and its audience. We want as many people, particularly students, to have access to the website as possible. We also want to ensure that Cue: the Curtain Call provides a wide representation of the Arts, with perspectives from those involved in theatre, film, music, dance, comedy and circus, and those on stage, behind the scenes, on set, behind the camera and in the office, all working together to create incredible performances.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching our Conversations with Izzy and Lizzie series, in which we talk directly to inspiring Arts professionals about why the Arts is such an important industry to support, how they reached their current roles, and how young people can get involved.”

You can sign up to the website here. Check out their Instagram, too! @cuethecurtaincall

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