Computer Science

3 May 2015

Computer Science impacts all areas of life and will play an increasingly important role in many of the careers that our girls choose to follow. Computer Science has an emphasis on thinking skills, problem solving, logic, programming, an understanding of how things work and making them work for you.

All girls at Oxford High School study aspects of Computer Science in Years 7 and 8, and it is offered as an option going forward into Year 9, and at GCSE and A Level. We cover a range of topics in Years 7 to 9 including game design in Scratch, programming hardware such as Microbits and Arduinos, learning a text based language such as Python to create messages using a Caesar Cipher, and gaining an understanding of how data can be represented as binary numbers. Beyond the specifics of learning a particular programming language, girls are encouraged in their thinking and problem solving skills, to experiment and make mistakes and ultimately to gain a sense of satisfaction when they successfully program a solution.

Alongside taught courses there are opportunities for girls to become involved in Pi Club (using Raspberry Pis, girls might begin to learn their way around Linux or program Minecraft using Python) and Robotics Club, which is run by girls in the Sixth Form. There is a growing range of competitions that regularly see our girls making it through to the finals, including Bebras, Cyber Discovery and CyberFirst Girls, where our team achieved third nationally from more than 2000 team entries.

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