At Oxford High School, all Year 9-11 girls study the Edexcel iGCSE qualifications. From September 2016, all Year 9 girls will start studying the Chemistry iGCSE qualification with a minority subsequently opting to do Double Award Science, if they wish, when going into Years 10 and 11. From September 2016, all Year 11 girls will be completing the Chemistry component of iGCSE Double Award. Year 10 students will mainly be doing iGCSE Chemistry with a few having opted for Double Award Science.

Our provision allows the department to deliver exciting investigative experiments outside of the specification, whilst also allowing time to problem solve and work through challenging tasks which represent wonderful preparation for A-level. This approach is largely responsible for the fantastic uptake at A-level and the high levels of enthusiasm and motivation among the students taking the subject.

The department produces excellent results at A-level and there is a high success rate of students going on to study Medicine, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and many other chemistry related courses at all the top Universities. In 2015, our Chemistry A-level results achieved 40% A* and 75% A*/A grade. It is the norm for the department to have 3 A-level groups in both Year 12 and Year 13. Over the last 5 years there have been, on average per year, 34 students doing AS and 26 students studying A2 Chemistry.