3 May 2015

The Girls Day School Trust can provide financial assistance to enable suitably qualified girls, whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees, to enter or remain in the Senior School. Currently, the Trust supports over 1,000 pupils at GDST senior schools with a bursary and since 1997, has helped over 4,500 girls with a bursary. That’s 4,500 lives transformed. GDST Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need, though academic merit is taken into account. For an insight into what they can help girls achieve, watch this clip about Dr Bethan James, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.

All Bursary applications are assessed independently by the Fees Office of the GDST and not Oxford High School itself, and applications are means-tested taking into account parental income and assets. Bursaries to the value of 100% of fees can be awarded depending on individual circumstances. The threshold to be eligible for some support is whether your family’s assessable income and resources is now £85,000 a year or below and you may be offered, for example, a full bursary if your family’s annual income is less than £35,000 . We also offer a generous HSBC Bursary award for students coming into the Sixth Form from the maintained sector.

The Bursary application process does not affect whether or not your daughter is offered a place at Oxford High School but candidates have to be registered prior to application. To apply for a bursary, you must tick the box on the initial registration form. Applications for bursaries cannot be made to the Trust once offers have been made.

Please contact our Admissions Registrar, who will be happy to provide further information on admissions@oxf.gdst.net or please read through the Admissions Policy for more details. There is a useful GDST booklet available – click here to read.

Considering OHS?

Please review the key admission dates and deadlines, to ensure you don’t miss out on applying for a place. If you have further questions, contact our friendly Admissions team who are happy to help.

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