4 May 2015

The Art department is overseen by three artist teachers whose practices are rooted in illustration, fine art, theatre design and TV styling. We are all passionate about teaching Art, Craft And Design and engage in our own practice as a way of informing and inspiring our teaching.

One of the UK’s greatest cultural and economic assets is its creative industry. Britain’s art and design education has always been held in high international regard and its arts graduates possess a wide range and depth of creativity which is coupled with original intellectual and innovative thought.

Our aim at OHS is to promote the understanding and use of Art and Design as a visual language. This subject provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world. Students at Oxford High will learn to make informed value judgments alongside aesthetic and practical decisions. They will explore ideas and meanings in the work of other artists, craftspeople and designers, learning about the diverse roles and functions of Art and Design in contemporary life, and in different times and cultures.

Through Art and Design activities our students develop a wide range of practical skills whilst exploring their own ideas for work in both 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. As they progress through the school they become increasingly confident and more independent in using the visual language to communicate their own ideas, feelings and meanings. Girls have the opportunity to work in media as diverse as photography, film, clay, steel, plaster, oil paints and textiles.

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