The Oxford High School Annual Fund seeks to benefit all our pupils over and above what is covered by our fees. This means trying to bring a richer experience to life in school through donated gifts. The impact of these gifts can be long lasting and profound. How they are used can range from supporting the bursary fund to investing in equipment and a million and one interesting and invaluable items in between. Thanks to the generosity of our parents, alumnae, friends and staff, we raised a staggering £80,000 last year all of which was invested back into the school for the purpose of enhancing and enriching the girls’ experience at Oxford High.

The Fund supports so many opportunities including poetry-slam workshops, visits from leading speakers, a storyteller’s chair for the youngest girls and cabaret workshops for the oldest. We have seen our Juniors firing off whizzing rockets in the University Parks and listening intently to imaginative, inventive poets on World Book Day. Our Senior girls had the chance to become Artistic Director interns or face their fears when scaling a steep climbing wall. It has funded extras such as additional microscopes, Animation Club technology, and Netball Masterclasses  for the Junior School.

It also helps us to support those wishing to experience some of the many school trips and experiences we aim to offer but who may not have the means to participate otherwise. This could be representing the school, county, region or country in sport or it could be put towards a bursary or support for a residential trip.

Regular gifts, via the Annual Fund, can transform the experiences of OHS pupils. If you would like to give to the Annual Fund, please donate online or download our Oxford Annual Fund donation form.

Anne Stewart, Head of Textiles

“This year we’ve been able to really make an impact on the creative and artistic side of life in school. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to buy a set of sketchbooks for all Year Six girls who come to the annual Summer Exhibition to use for sketching and drawing over the summer before they join the Senior School. Buying the Embellishers gave the girls the opportunity to experiment with new materials in an exciting and inventive way and their projects range from delightful felted shoes to landscape studies”.

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