‘A Journey of a Mother’

10 November 2021

Earlier this week, our Year 13 Drama students put on a stunningly poignant performance for their A-Level devised piece. 

Written by Ottilie and Stella (Year 13)

On Monday 8th November, we performed our A-Level Drama devised piece ‘A Journey of a Mother’, which we have been working on and developing for the last eight months. The story followed a young, single mother who had experienced low self-esteem. Broken by depression in motherhood, and with declining mental health, the mother decides to hand her child over to Death. Death navigates the mother through a series of challenges. Eventually, the mother is brought round to believing in her love for her child, but only through her own sacrifice.

Our performance uses the practitioner ‘Kneehigh’, and our ideas came from our stimulus of ‘The Bloody Chamber’. We have loved choosing all the music for the production, as well as writing our own music and making a film! Ava-Mae in Year 8 joined our A-Level group and we thank her wholeheartedly for all her commitment, talent, and generosity.

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