‘Oxford High has helped my interest in Engineering to flourish, and has given me opportunities to see where my love of Chemistry can take me. Being able to apply the Maths we do to broaden the Physics and Chemistry specifications means I fully develop my understanding of the fundamental principles. The GDST Engineering Conference also gave me useful contacts at Procter and Gamble’. Sephe Tapper (Year 13, 2015)

When our students arrive at university, they are often instantly recognised as ex-Oxford High. Universities praise their intellectual courage and self-confidence, and describe them as unafraid to debate and challenge even if the only girl in a male-orientated subject. One in four of OHS girls go on to Oxbridge. Our 360 Programme for Sixth Form gives girls a huge head start at university and in the workplace. As one of the highest performing schools in the country, our success is achieved through exceptional teaching of an academically challenging programme. What sets Oxford High apart is our focus on the future skills and strengths our students will need when they launch their careers.

As part of the GDST, all OHS Sixth Formers are offered a unique package of opportunities for internships, work experience, and employer workshops with leading companies such as Deloitte, HSBC and Nomura Bank via our GDST Innovation and Learning team. These girls are the leaders of the future in their chosen fields.

We are a school filled with endless energy and constant laughter. Why not come and explore what we can offer you at Sixth Form?

Rachael Pallas-Brown, Director of Sixth Form