What is it that makes Oxford High School so special?

We believe it is our commitment to putting the girls first in our teaching and our values.

An all-girls independent school allows you the freedom to place young women firmly at the forefront and allows them the space and time to develop into the leaders of the future. For our students to be successful in their chosen career and to also be happy, fulfilled young women, they need to build an inner strength and confidence.

Our 2016 ISI Inspection agreed stating that ‘..girls are equipped with resourcefulness and resilience, ready to take their place in the wider world and to make a positive contribution to society’.

OHS is a strong believer in working to eradicate unhelpful perfectionism as it can limit how young people flourish and grow. We want our students to have a go and try new things, but also to understand how to deal with failure, how to pick themselves up and move forward, and how to value themselves in a caring, meaningful way.

We don’t have a typical Oxford High student here. They work hard but they have tremendous fun whilst they are doing it. They live life to the full in a school which celebrates challenge on all fronts.

Why not come and visit, we would love to show you around this exceptional school.

Dr Philip Hills, Head of Oxford High School