With the help and guidance of Mr Murchie as writer, producer and director, Year 5 girls spent just two days learning lines and stage directions; perfecting their vocal techniques, stage presence and building confidence. This culminated in two performances – a dress rehearsal to pupils and staff in the morning followed by the final performance to parents in the afternoon.

Girls totally engaged the audience showing their understanding of stage direction by following cues and creating stage presence, as well as delivering their lines clearly using appropriate intonation and timing. They performed with minimal props and costumes using coloured tabards (and the odd hat) to indicate characters – true professionals!

‘I really enjoyed it’

‘very enjoyable experience’

‘learning lines was difficult’

‘Mr Murchie brought joy and energy ……he had a great sense of humour’

‘Mr Murchie gave me confidence….no more stage fright’

‘He helped everyone work as a team’