Ms Pepita Torbrand BSc (hons) MSc (City) Head of Psychology

Head of Psychology is Ms Pepita Torbrand who is a Chartered Psychologist. Pepita is passionate about psychology and prior to becoming a teacher she completed her MSc in Occupational Psychology before starting her PhD in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC). Pepita has published research in teacher education and how to use Action Research within the classroom, focusing especially on how to use questioning techniques to engage students and increase ownership of learning.

In addition to independent research in the field of Coaching Psychology, Pepita is also leading the CBC project at OHS and is conducting research in how CBC can help increase students’ wellbeing & performance. She is qualified at post graduate level in Performance Coaching and Problem Focused Coaching at the Centre for Coaching.

Due to the increasing interest of CBC in education, Pepita is also running workshops at larger scale conferences and presented at the 2014 Annual Conference for the Association for Teaching Psychology at Loughborough University

Dr B. Squire MA Cantab, Natural Sciences, DPhil. Oxon, Experimental Psychology

Dr Sarah Squire joined Oxford High School as Head of Psychology in September 2007 and is now Deputy Head, Staff & Students at Oxford High School.
She is passionate about Psychology and prior to becoming a teacher, she lectured and gave tutorials in Psychology while carrying out research at the University of Oxford.  Her main interests are cognitive developmental psychology, parent-child interactions and eating disorders. She maintains links with the university and psychology students to see research in action.

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