Textiles Trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum

25 November 2021

On Thursday 18th and Wednesday 24th November, our Textiles GCSE and A Level students visited the V&A Museum in London to carry out drawing research for their individual projects.

They were greeted by staff who welcomed school visits back in the calendar after a long break, followed by the Director of the V&A, Tristram Hunt, who came down especially to give our students a talk on the origins and contents of the museum.

Students sketched all day, took photographs, and made notes in the galleries, choosing outfits from the fashion, performance, and jewellery areas that inspired them. They saw outfits from fashion designers such as Schiaparelli and Valentino, and imagined what it would be like to design and wear them. In the afternoon, they drew costumes from famous performers such as Margot Fonteyn, and shows like Matilda and Warhorse, as well as films such as Star Wars and Edward Scissorhands.

“I enjoyed exploring the theatre and performance gallery the most, especially looking at the costumes of Wicked and the Warhorse puppet.” – Yixuan

“We really enjoyed the trip, especially the theatre and performance exhibition because it was amazing to see costumes that we knew from famous shows and ballets up close. It was incredible to see how detailed the dresses were.” – Nancy and Aryanna

In addition, we are pleased to say that, on several occasions, staff and other visitors at the gallery complimented our students on their great drawing and behaviour.

“It was fun finally going on a trip after Covid and lockdown. Spending a day looking at fashion and art is an absolute dream!” – Azalea

In all, two grand days out!

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