A completely fresh innovation for Sixth Form learning. Why?

All GDST schools have, as a core value, putting girls first. At Oxford High, we are doing just that. Imagine having the chance to explore something you are really fascinated by, outside of your core A Level course work, and having an input into how that might be delivered in school.

Our Electives programme is a range of courses co-authored by the girls, the staff and external experts, drawing on their interests and passions.  We asked the girls what they wanted to study outside of their A Level courses. We asked the staff what they’d love to teach, outside of their core subjects. We put them together and asked the girls to choose. They are designed to complement or contrast with the Academics course and, as a Sixth Former at OHS, you will be able to put together your own portfolio of courses based on what inspires and interests you.

Some Elective courses continue throughout the term with one session each week, and others are one-day courses to thoroughly immerse you in your chosen passion. These are held in conjunction with Radley College, depending on the individual Elective. Our Autumn collaboration with Radley includes Electives on Art History shock value (Art & Scandal), Russian Politics, Aromatic Chemistry and and Engineering visit to the Morgan car factory!

Themes suggested by our students and their teachers include surgical skills for beginners, Syria in the 6th century, French cinema, the ear and hearing, the history of London’s bridges, Berlin in the 1930s, food science, Putin’s Russia, developments in neuro-science, understanding nutrition; medieval misericords; technical lighting and sound; programming; aeronautics; antibiotics, cosmetics and chemistry, languages, economics, engineering, baroque music, cinema, and modern feminism. As a glimpse into an everyday Thursday in the Autumn Term, our Sixth Form are currently studying the following Electives: Costume Design, Financial Spreadsheets, Film Making/Directing, Surgery, Textiles: Expressive Design, Ceramics, Life Drawing, Photography, Jazz Performance,
Greek and Roman Literature, Exercise, Health and Nutrition, Antibiotics, and Psychiatry.

Sample 360 Programme one:

Anna is studying English, History, Philosophy, Biology at A Level, and she is investigating Youth Culture for her extended research project supervised by the Director of Sixth Form. She has chosen to study Electives in antibiotics, programming and food science. She is running the marketing for a Young Enterprise business whilst leading a drama club for the Junior School pupils once a week. She has applied for an internship with a leading retailer and her goal is to study History at Oxford.

Sample 360 Programme two:

Eva is studying Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Art at A Level. Her extended research project is on animation supervised by the Head of Geography. Her Electives include medieval misericords, French cinema, technical lighting and sound and in her spare time at school she is an avid flyer with CCF and runs the CCF and Lower School Art Club. Her dream is to study animation and visual effects at Falmouth University.