It is customary in a welcome of this sort to start by saying how special your school is, how stellar your results, how noble your heritage. Here at OHS, we can do all those things. But the question I am moved to ask as I sit down to pen this welcome is not what makes our school so special, but what makes our girls so special.

There are, of course, the stellar academic achievements, the prowess on track and field, the supportive, caring attitude which an OHS girl brings to her interactions with friends and family. She is the kind of girl who manages to achieve record public exam results, secure a place at a top university and still find time to participate in a dizzying array of co-curricular pursuits. But there are other schools that do that. No, when it really comes down to it, what makes an Oxford High School girl stand out is her voice.

The girls here speak with a voice informed by over 140 years of empowered thinking and originality.

The way our girls speak, to each other, to their teachers and, ultimately, to the people with whom they work and form relationships in later life, is different to that which one normally hears. It is, quite simply, a conversation between equals, unafraid to challenge received wisdom or try and change things for the better. It is a conversation – a dialogue – of vision and integrity. An OHS girl is funny and she’s fearless and her mind is critical. She’s unafraid to ask questions, to go out on a limb, to say what no one else dared say.

The girls here speak with a voice informed by over 140 years of empowered thinking and originality. It permeates every aspect of their education and their lives, resulting in a culture of mutual respect and exceptional progress. Indeed, we are the only school in Oxford to receive the ‘exceptional’ rating from the ISI, a reflection of the achievements of our girls both academically and in their co-curricular activities.

The best way to understand this special atmosphere is to come for a visit and experience it for yourself. We hope to see you soon.

Dr Philip Hills, Headmaster

Come and see for yourself

We are always happy to welcome you for a visit to our school, so that you can see for yourself how our girls learn, flourish and excel. Check for the next open morning or get in touch.

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