“Study for your exams, but don’t stress yourself out too much. And most of all, have fun.”

That’s advice for Year 10s from Year 11s! And very good advice it is. At 14, or 15, the most important learning is about growing up. There isn’t a GCSE in it, but it’s an important element of being a Year 10 just the same.

Year 10 is a time of change and excitement – and success! It’s the start of Upper School and the GCSE years. Time to study in more depth Greek, Geography, Music or Mandarin, optional subjects alongside the core of English, Maths, Science and PSHCE. Library study periods and Sport are on the Year 10 timetable too.

The school year begins with Film Day – a chance to learn some new media and narrative skills as well as get the year off to a good start in terms of team-building. Then, the Active Citizen programme where students highlight a topical issue they care about, volunteering and community service, Model United Nations (MUNGA), Duke of Edinburgh Award, lots of sport, extra-curricular drama and music. Our Careers service holds an enrichment day in Year 10 also.

It’s a busy year and managing time is really important. We run study skills and time management sessions early on. Regular academic mentoring takes place throughout the year and we guide students through their Year 10 examinations.

To see the Year 10 Handbook with lots of useful information please click here.

The best advice to Year 10s is to work hard, but not too hard, be organised, and make sure you have fun. Life isn’t all about exams and syllabuses. Have a set time when you switch off your phone at night! Keep a book on the go and don’t lose the habit of reading for pleasure.

Upper School lays the foundations for Sixth Form. It’s a time of looking forward and making choices. We want girls to enter this stage of their education confident that they will continue to find immense satisfaction in their school life while they begin to prepare for Higher Education.

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