Relationships and Sex Education is now a statutory requirement for all schools. As part of the PHSCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) programme at OHS, we deliver a series of lessons across all Senior School year groups covering relationships and sex education. The programme is shared between outside experts and our own PSHCE lead teachers and has previously included:

Year 7

· The biological framework of human reproduction is taught in Science lessons and its pastoral context is developed with respect to a caring and supportive family relationship.

· Talk and discussion on menstruation and personal hygiene with the School Nurse.

Year 8

· Friendships and family relationships are explored.

Year 9

· Healthy Living Day includes discussions on relationships, self-respect and staying safe. For several years we have used specialist educators to conduct sessions on the day.

Year 10

· A unit with Year 10 PSHCE is devoted to healthy relationships and contraception, consent, body image, STIs, respect, LGBT and the law; the programme is led by Brook and Sexpression.

Year 11

· One session on consent is led by Sexpression.

· A second session is focused on decision-making and personal safety.

Year 12 & 13

· Sixth Formers start with session aimed at discussing the topics of risky behaviour & personal safety.

· A second session is held on the topic of healthy relationships.

· A final session on session on consent, pornography and social media is led by the RAP Project.

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